In my most recent body of work I have been creating potential proposals for earthworks (a term coined by Robert Smithson). I am intrigued by the material quality of earthworks, being particularly drawn to those including metal and concrete. I have a fascination with metal and make the majority of my work in etching, preferring to work with steel over zinc or copper. 

My work explores the metaphor between two dimensional ‘logical pictures’; creating images of the site for specific works as well as the proposed structure, three dimensional ‘non-sites’; using small models and natural materials to create scaled down versions of a work, and the sites themselves, most of which can be found in Scotland and that have been recreated through the etching medium.

The interest in the interplay between form and space, edifice and location, time and place has developed from my intrigue in the juxtaposition of industrial objects within the landscape. My work explores this relationship between the natural and the man made, calling upon the art works and writings of Robert Smithson to further investigate the possibilities between structure and surrounding.